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Women have many options when it comes to preventing pregnancy. So many, in fact, that determining the best method for you can be difficult. Rakiyah Jones, DNP, FNP-BC, referred to as Dr. Kai, at Kinfolk Family Health in Montclair, New Jersey, helps you determine the type of birth control that best fits your needs after an examination and consultation. To schedule a birth control visit, call the office today or book an appointment online.

Birth Control Q & A

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What should I know about birth control?

Birth control refers to any method you use to prevent pregnancy, which includes both medication and devices. Some methods work better than others, and the type that best suits you depends on your health, future pregnancy plans, and concerns regarding STDs. Dr. Kai helps you navigate your way through all your options to help you find the type of birth control that best suits your needs.


What are the different types of birth control?

There are many different types of birth control. Most require a prescription from Dr. Kai.

Types of birth control include:

Short-acting hormonal methods

Short-acting hormonal methods of birth control include medications you need to take on a regular basis to prevent pregnancy. These methods of birth control work by preventing you from ovulating. The birth control pill and patch are examples of short-acting hormonal methods of birth control.

Depo Provera, sometimes referred to as the depo-shot or birth control shot, is also a short-acting hormonal method of birth control. However, you only need the injection every three months. Dr. Kai offers Depo Provera injections at Kinfolk Family Health.

Barrier methods

Condoms, cervical caps, and diaphragm are barrier methods of birth control. You don’t need a prescription to use condoms, which also provide additional protection against STDs.

Dr. Kai reviews the pros and cons of the different methods so you can make an informed decision about the type of birth control that best fits your needs.


What can I expect during a birth control consultation?

Dr. Kai conducts a comprehensive evaluation when you come in for your birth control consultation. During your evaluation, he reviews your medical, gynecological, and sexual history. He also conducts a basic physical exam to further evaluate your health, as well as a pregnancy test, if needed.

After obtaining all the necessary information, you and Dr. Kai work together to determine the best method of birth control for you. He then provides you with a 12-month prescription for your birth control of choice.

To schedule your birth control consultation, call Kinfolk Family Health today or request an appointment online.