Membership Pricing



kinfolk Membership Pricing 

Membership Plan Premium                     Ages                            Monthly

Young & Free                                          18 – 29                         $79.99

Sure & Secure                                         30 – 49                         $89.99

Seasoned & Wise                                    50 – 64                         $99.99

Medicare Non-Eligible                             65+                              $139.99

Health Insured Membership*                18+                               $39.99


*Clients interested in a membership with health insurance can experience the concierge KinFolk Way for only $39.99 per month regardless of age. We will work with your insurance company on your behalf and bill as an out-of-network provider for all your medical related visits. We will accept the reimbursement rate covered by your insurance provider and you will not be responsible for any difference or office visit copays. The monthly premium will provide you with unlimited access to the personalized and value-added services that make the KinFolk Way unique, with NO COPAY. As a KinFolk Member you will have access to the onPatient portal, 24/7 access to a nurse practitioner, same-day or next-day appointments, concierge reflection room (tea, coffee, seltzer flavors made-to-order), 45 - 90 minute no-rush appointments, and on-site lab services.  


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Self-Care and Wellness Add-Ons and Packages

Self-Care and Wellness Add-Ons and Packages Plans                     Monthly Premium

Acupuncture (2 Acupuncture sessions per month)*                                 $120

Massage Therapy (1 60-Min session per month)                                       $90

Royalty Package (2 Acupuncture + 1 Massage Sessions)***                    $210


Self-Care and Wellness Packages are an additional monthly fee to the Membership monthly premium. If interested, sign-up for a KinFolk membership plan today and sign-up during your initial visit.

*Ramsey Acupuncture has partnered with KinFolk Family Health to offer a 20% discount on monthly acupuncture treatments to KinFolk Members. Acupuncture therapy provides a euphoric deep relaxation and natural alternative treatment of inflammatory conditions to improve circulation, autoimmune disorders, chronic pain, infertility, other chronic conditions.

**Montclair Therapeutic Massage Center has partnered with KinFolk Family Health to offer discount monthly restorative neuromuscular massage therapy sessions to relieve chronic pain, poor circulation and neuropathy pain related to diabetes and muscle tension related to stress.



  • Annual Wellness Exam
  • Prescription Discounts
  • Unlimited Office and Telehealth Visits
  • Weight Loss Management
  • Discounted Screenings
  • 50% Off After-Hours House Calls
  • Palliative Care Consultation
  • Goals of Care and Family Meetings
  • Transitional Care after Hospitalization
  • Secure App for Text Messaging and Video Chat
  • Annual Wellness Screening
  • Same/Next-Day Forms Completion
  • Online Patient Portal
  • TGNC Hormone Program
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Chronic Care Management
  • Care Coordination with Specialist
  • Advance Directives
  • Quarterly Chronic Care Testing
  • Unlimited Point of Care Test as clinically needed*


Membership Bonus Benefits 

  • Extended visits, 30 – 90 minutes, value not volume no need to rush!
  • Annual lifestyle and wellness care plan
  • Annual influenza vaccination
  • Transgender hormone therapy at no additional cost
  • Same-day or next day appointments
  • In-Office point of care testing included in membership: Rapid Flu, Mono Spot, Rapid Strep, Pregnancy, Urinalysis, Lipid Panel, Glucose and HbA1c, Rapid HIV, Rapid Hepatitis C, Spirometry
  • Discounted lab test with off-site national laboratory partners
  • Care coordination for referrals and with specialists
  • Discounted imaging with off-site local imaging centers
  • Prescription discount card for cost-effective prescriptions with partnered pharmacies
  • Discounted physical therapy with partnered community physical therapy centers
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